The Spirit Of St. Francis De Sales (fiscle part-IV)

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The Spirit Of St. Francis De Sales (fiscle part-IV)

The Spirit Of A Saint We May, Perhaps, Regard As The Underlying
Characteristic Which Pervades All His Thoughts, Words, And Acts. It Is The
Note Which Sounds Throughout The Constant Persevering Harmony Which Makes
The Holiness Of His Life. Circumstances Change. He Grows From Childhood To
Boyhood; From Youth To Manhood. His Time Of Preparation Is Unnoticed by The
World Until The Moment Comes When He Is Called to A Public Activity Which
Arrests Attention. And Essentially He Remains The Same. In private As In
Public, In intimate Conversation As In writings Or Discourses, In the
Direction Of Individual Consciences As In the Conduct Of Matters Of Wide
Importance, There Is A Characteristic Note Which Identifies Him, And Marks
Him Off Apart Even From Other Heroes Of Sanctity.

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