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A Book Of Myths (Fiscle Part-X)

User: disha
A Book Of Myths (Fiscle Part-X)
Just As A Little Child Holds Out Its Hands To Catch The Sunbeams, To
Feel And To Grasp What, So Its Eyes Tell It, Is Actually There, So,
Down Through The Ages, Men Have Stretched Out Their Hands In Eager
Endeavour To Know Their God. And Because Only Through The Human Was
The Divine Knowable, The Old Peoples Of The Earth Made Gods Of Their
Heroes And Not Unfrequently Endowed These Gods With As Many Of The
Vices As Of The Virtues Of Their Worshippers. As We Read The Myths Of
The East And The West We Find Ever The Same Story. That Portion Of The
Ancient Aryan Race Which Poured From The Central Plain Of Asia,
Through The Rocky Defiles Of What We Now Call "The Frontier," To
Populate The Fertile Lowlands Of India, Had Gods Who Must Once Have
Been Wholly Heroic, But Who Came In Time To Be More Degraded Than The
Most Vicious Of Lustful Criminals.

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