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Nature Limericks

Nature Limericks
Well, I am known for sad poems, but I decided to change my style for a little while (there goes the poet in me) and try two new things. As of last week, I started writing limericks for the first time... and they are about nature. I hope you like them. They are meant to be happy and bright.

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I just dont want people to see how big of a slump I am in right now. It is better that people dont know my pain... I dont want to hurt people anymore...

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This was a wonderful collection that was an absolute joy to read. My favorites were The Wind Steals Away My Words, The Barrier of Ice, and The Girl With Wings. I would consider putting them in a word picture and hanging them on my wall! They are that good ;)

I'm glad I got to read your poetry. I feel my spirits rising even now as your words sink into my soul and warm my very being :)

Awesome job!
Keep writing!


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What a lovely collections of small poems. So great that they are attached by a theme.

Beautiful Sunshine and the girl with wings are my favorites. You must keep writing more poetry. Poetry is everywhere and seeing as you're a natural, I expect to see more from you soon.

Good work. keep 'em coming
mum xxx

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Adam Lewis LaValley

Written with a true poetic mind, these natural poses have endeavored a meaningful message to the reader: that of tranquility and peace of heart; to close your eyes and listen all about to the world and its incredible inhabitants. There is always a need to escape from the rustle and bustle of modern life, and I am glad you share such magnificent images.

For my historical, natural novel I felt I had to start building a log... mehr anzeigen

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My favorite is The Girl With Wings, and she can fly through her lovely poetry.I loved your words.

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I like these very much, dear one. They have a lightness to them...a ray of sunshine in a sometimes-dark world. We all need poems such as these!
Proud of you.

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How delightful! In appreciation of your very uplifting efforts, here's a limerick for you:

While reading a message from Laz,
I noticed another from Jazz.
I then took the time
To read every rhyme
That she'd written with smiles and pizzazz!

Great job, sweetie! 'D

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You have written some very nice limericks. The one that stands out most for me is "Beautiful Sunshine".

Very good writing. Keep up the good work!


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