I thought you loved me...

I thought wrong. Von:
I thought you loved me...
THe pain of discovering someone doesn't care about you as much as you thought they did hurts the very heart and soul. THis poem says how I feel about someone who hurt me... Someone I thought had loved me.

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You write with your feelings in clear view. It is so great how we as poets and writers can relay our inner thoughts and desires on paper whether they are true or make believe. I hope that by venting this has made you stronger. It helps me tremendously when I am able to write about my feelings.

Keep up the good work!

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E.K. Perkins

I think that that was really cool. Good job, and for later times, you could actually right a story about this. I am sorry that you feel this way for whoever.

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Oh sweet, you really touch a real emotion we have all felt one time or another. It is painful to learn someone doesn't care for you as you care for them.

In the final analysis, it is about loving one's self enough to know -- the person who leaves is the loser. They have lost a loving, caring, beautiful friend/ girlfriend or boyfriend/confidante and mentor -- by not being with you (or I).

It is their loss. And though, we too,... mehr anzeigen

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i disagree with angamonkey about elaborating that would have ruined it. It is very sharp and precise and that portrays the feelings perfectly. Anything more free flowing and longer wouldn't have had the same effect. Well done

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Review - Short and to the point. I will say that you use the pain in your life to write hard hitting poetry. They say adversity and pain in our lives is one of the greatest teachers. I would prefer it to be less painful myself, as you probably would agree. Keep writing. Good job. Robynn

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I am sorry some one hurt you. But you are young and a lesson learned.

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The pain you feel comes through and once on paper you can move on.Know that she lost out not caring enough about you. I had a grandmother who was much like yours, she missed out on a lot of love from all of our family.

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Takes me back to my past breakups. As you get older though, you can at least feel more confident that it gets better. Know your worth. Don't settle for people who can't see it.

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Sorry to hear what you feel about your grandmother. It's tough to find out that there was no love there. I feel badly for all the very young who never felt being loved and wanted.
Nicely written poem which puts your feelings out for all to view.

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