My first ever contest entry! Don't be mean :(

Axel is launched into the life of a moon spirit without choice, and he strives to be human once more. But at what cost?

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Wow..... The skill you wrote this with is incredible, to say the least. It's a very heart-wrenching story, and you actually had me in tears at the end.... Call me a sap, but it's true...

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How skillfully you told this! It's hard to believe you're only 13! Your descriptions were nicely crafted, evoking the sights and scents of the forest, while managing in very few words to enable to reader to envision the village and it people, too. You have quite a talent for the short-story genre, something not everyone can master. Your sentence structure was solid, the story-telling done with the ease of one with natural... mehr anzeigen

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