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January 9th

User: JasonTru
January 9th
The book is generally a story about people who were struct by religion, beliefs, illnesses, mixed love, homosexuality and even death. I've always wanted to produce my own film, even if it's a short one, where the lead role isn't me, or doesn't lean on me or my name. Art's really devoured me, and it's my literal, life.
I've always had books given to me as presents by my aunt, but never really read them until I was a bit older. The books turned out to be amazing, and what I never expected. The writers, literally made these books to make you connect with it. It's like a drug, and so, I wanted this drug. I never knew how amazing these things were. I used to write a lot, this isn't my first book, but, I've never looked at books in this way before. It's literally, giving me the ability to produce my own film, and have my own characters and my own set and have everything the way that I want it.
I wanted to morph things and make them into my mental figure. I wanted to create something that's not been known before. I wanted to make that drug.
It's like, a movie, for example. Sometimes, you'd watch a movie, and by the end, you're so attached, you don't want it to end.
Or, better way of explaining, a series. Like, a TV series that's at its end, and the last episode is playing and they use the flashback clips; oh, those flashback clips. That's another thing. I don't know if this happens to you, but, there's moments at the end of the series, where they play little clips of the show, and to parts you don't even remember, you're all crying like a ratchet mess, '' Oh my God, I remember that! '', but, in reality, you have no idea when that episode played.
I guess, ultimately, I wanted this book to be like that. I wanted people to break down for a part two, but know in their hearts and minds, that, there's nothing left to be told. I wanted to create that urge, I wanted that crave for the drug.
And, so, the book generally came together. The idea really lingered for a while, about me and my friend, just dreaming in our little minds about finding the perfect person, and my perfect moment that I wanted to happen that would never be forgotten, would be a moment in the forest or by a lake, where we would runaway to in their car or truck and literally lay under the sun, near the lake, and just be in each other's arms and silently coexist, without having to talk, for our presence spoke for us.
Building off of that, I went deeper into creating someone else; someone else that's sick, but moves into a town with another person, that they both fall in love with each other, but, faces abusive parents, religion, separation, forced marriage, near-death-experiences, and a lot more.
I wanted to really lash on most prominent aspects of the present world and be sure that they're heard, as opposed to writing another love triangle story or fan-fiction.
But, generally, that's basically how it all summed.
The book's partly comical, but shows its intended brilliance.

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