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The Assistant

The Assistant
Martin is on self destruct and has been for some time now. The thing is, he plans to take as many with him as possible. Filled with hatred for the weak worthless and deprived, he decides to systematically wipe them all out.
Rachel had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her father but now she's emerged out the other end, bruised and battered. But still alive. However she hates herself for what she has become. She seeks like minded people online and finds sympathetic souls willing to help her reach her final goal.
Rachel's been through a lot and although she is finally managing to get her life back together, Jamie is worried for his sister's mental health. When she commits suicide, Jamie is plunged into the dark depths of Rachel's past in a in a bid to find exactly why she took her life, after all this time. However, what he discovers a sordid side to his sister he could never have imagined and someone he wished he'd never met.

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