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Sneak peak of; Goodbye...

'My life will never be perfect...' Von:
Sneak peak of; Goodbye...
Actual book not posted yet!

Juliet Williams, 16 years old.... The most hated girl in her family, her school, everything. She's not only beaten by kids at school, but her own father beats her! But there's something off about her and her father, they're not human. They're werewolves.

If that's so, where's her mate? If she ever does meet him, will he reject her, or keep it a secret from his friends so he won't be hated too?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Mystery Goodbye"
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Sneak peak of; Goodbye...
'My life will never be perfect...'
Goodbye... (In progress)
'My life will never be perfect..'
Werewolf, Mates, Bruises, Blood, Hatred
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the story looks promising so i'll be waitng for the actual book

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Vasilissa The First

Your book looks promising! I will be waiting for your update!

2 Kommentare

Thanks! I'll hopefully have the actual book posted in a few days, just going to try to get a few chapters in first though. Once i post it, it'll be updated from there!

Vasilissa The First

Great! Looking forward!

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