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A collection of poems Von:
This is a series of poems I made about pain and abuse.

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shi1234 That was deep. Actually made me wanna cry

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You described everything with such detail that I felt your pain,unfortunately I relate to some of it also. Keep writing I know it is cleansing for me and sense it helps you too! :)

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There is so much pain in your poems that I wish I could help you. If these incidents are part of your life, you must reach out to someone. Your poetry is beautiful...heartbreakingly real.

I have read some of your stories and my only advice would be....stick to one and finish it, before starting something new. You have so many incomplete stories that I am wondering if you intend to finish any of them. If you need help with... mehr anzeigen

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IF these are autobiographical, they are terrifying in their scope. But, I hope they are not.
The several poems of pain are exceptionally well-written, not only for the language, the images, but because they have the power to move the reader.
This one, anyway.
Keep writing, child.

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