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Mystery Woman

Mystery Woman
Right now I only have the rough draft of the prologue up. I would put up the final copy, but it is not ready just yet. Patience please. I should have the final copy of the prologue and Chapter one up by either the end of the week or the beginning of next week. As this is a rough draft, I could use some editors. Please point out any errors you see.

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If Clinton had been elected, they would have challenged her - since she
opposed the TPP. Anybody with any sense did. Terrible deal. I wonder, though,
how the backdoor doctrine of ""takings"" which was incorporated into the deal
through the establishment of the ISDS -investor-state dispute settle - courts
are gonna run without the U.S. Should be interesting


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Stupid dial-up. I do edit the version I have on a document though. anywho... thank you. I have been quite busy lately... But I am hoping to actually finish this book soon. Most of my books that are up aren't finished because I am working on 7 books at once... while editing. However, now that I have a major dead...line, I am going to be focusing only on this book for a while.

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Good start indeed. Listen to the comments below and make the necessary changes. Read your story out loud so you will hear any mistakes. Don't worry about making your sentences short, just as long as they make sense.

I look forward with interest to reading more.

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You have a strong beginning, and have begun to build a very intriguing story.

I agree with hborger, the amendments may enhance your story, but don't despair many well known authors have had their work edited.


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Hi. It did what a prologue should...I absolutely want to read more!
A few minor things...I think one change that might help is near the wrote "near that shack afore mentioned"...I think it might sound better if it was written "near the aforementioned shack"
The next sentence was one I had to go back and reread to understand..."The person who discovered the woman's body had gone back to get something he had... mehr anzeigen

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I try my best. another warning, the ending will be worse than any of Stephen King's endings. Thought I should warn you ahead of time. So you now what you are getting into.

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NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. If you don't like horror stories, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN, for I am trying to out do Stephen King in this book. Meaning: blood, gore, and so much more... lol.

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The prologue is a hint of things to come and it sounds very eerie! I will be awaiting the first chapter!

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