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Fear, Sadness, Anger

Fear, Sadness, Anger
I think the name explains it all. Be honest in your opinions. I don't want any false praise. If you think parts of it should be edited, let me know.

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This is so deep, and really emotional. I've never put much thought into negative emotions, but the way you describe them is just beautiful. I mean it's very dark, but really compelling. Beautifully written.

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Dieser Kommentar wurde gelöscht.
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It's difficult to read this, and yet I am compelled, Jazz. It would be so cliche and nearly meaningless to say I feel these terrifying emotions that gripped you when you wrote this, but somehow, I do. We are a part of that staff that is here to hold you, dear one.

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There are some really sad words there, Jazz. The friends that know you can really feel the pains within you. Even if you are only with us for a short while, your memory and words will be here to remind us of you

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