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Daddy's Little suprise

*sleeping with the sirens fanfic* Von:
Daddy's Little suprise
Iris is from a broken family.Her mother drinks does drugs and seeps with any guy.But one night her mother wants her daughter to have a better life and not end up like her. Going to a gas station her mother gives her a letter.Iris is in tears thinking her mother hates her but what happens if Kellin Quinn is Iris real dad? But problem is Kellin doesnt think he has another child how will this hurt him? What will Iris do? Leave or stay with her dad? Find out in the Daddy's little suprise book

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Omg you literally had me at Kellin Quinn. Don't Stop me! No one Stop me! I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF READING AN EPIC BOOK! I know it because it has Kellin in it xD

Sorry posted this before I read the book. **Reading In progress**

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Okay I read the first few pages, LOVE THE IDEA. I swear I'm still spazing out about how EPIC the whole idea is.

But I have to say I find it hard to read because everything is in a clump of words, there needs to be more spaces and more paragraphs.

And slow down with the scenes, I... mehr anzeigen

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