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Nazi Boy

Nazi Boy
I stood on one half of the the barbed wire fence and he stood on the other. He had sorrow in his eyes. I guess because he knew I couldn't get out and we would never be together. It was raining. I heard the loud thunder. Oh wait! was that bombs. A tear fell down my cheek. His hand touched mine through the fence. He whispered" I love you, I will do what ever it takes to get you out, I love you" I whispered in joy
" I love you too"

WW2 Era
Dagmar is a typical naive girl, Her parents are jews but she doesn't know it and Alfred is a man who would stand up for what he believed in. When she gets into it with the leader of the Hilter Youth, Alfred is thinking she is looking for trouble. Then they actually meet and develop a forbidden relationship like no other. Can they keep their precious relationship thriving even as World War Two Progress in Germany?

World War 2, Love, Hate, Drama, Rape
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Emmaus, PA

Nancy Pelosi has poisoned the Democratic Party for whole swathes of voters.
For me, a moderate who often supports Democrats, it is a litmus test: If you
are a Democrat running for Congress and you will vote for Pelosi as leader of
House Democrats, my wallet and efforts are closed to you.

She has been a champion of identity politics, this incredibly divisive idea
that has helped polarize our country and that sickens... mehr anzeigen

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