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The sun was Blazing hot in the sky but there was a cool breeze caressing my body and Akentenen stood before my eyes. We stood in a sand bar. Small fish and turquoise water flowed along my feet. His hands reached for me. His eyes were looking inside my soul . I ran to him. He grabbed my waist and grabbed my hand with the other. I stared into his eyes as he did the same. He kissed my lips......

I could hear the sound of horse hooves thumping the earth and men grunting piercing the air. The sounds stole my attention. I looked away from AKentenen and saw men on horses. Akentenen peacefully placed a silver spear with a red tip in my hands. He disappeared in to the trees nearby. I was left alone. Not having a clue of what to do. I stood there as hundreds of men neared before my eyes.......

After 12 year old Brennan's sister and her mother was Murdered by her father. She falls in love with him and is thrown into the world of hate at a very young age. she finds her way out of Rape and Beatings as a "comfort woman" for the Warriors of Darkness. Can she find herself love, power and a future? At the end...

Love, Hate, Betrayal, Pregnacy, Abuse, Sex, Fantasy
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its so sad but the end is good
but seriously thats like true life right there ! in the begnning it is so true .

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