The Answer is Within

The Answer is Within
What do you do when your significant other turns into a person that you fear instead of loving. Baised on a true story of family, domestic violence and making the break.

family, domestic violence, decisions
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Great depth and insight, obviously a story that can be enlightiening to those who have suffered the same life. As far as the telling of the story, let me suggest that more showing, less telling. While the story has impact as a deeply moving issue that many face, I suggest more action scenes, pick out most critical times and make them alive , the arguing, and pleading, the promises to be broken.

Beginning on page 13, where you... mehr anzeigen

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Yet uplifting as your character was able to rise above the abuse and learn from it. You have definitely shared this story from your soul. With a little tightening and editing, this would be a good story to send to Glimmer Train.

Thank you for your bravery in writing this story. It had to be hard. Good job. Robynn

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it is amazing book i liked it

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Thank you for your opinion. It was a hard one to write due to being so personal but it helped me a lot and hopefully, help others. :) Jan

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