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The Mist

The Mist
Dewdrops do have a life. A tale told by one named Sprites. A life filled with adventure, tragedy and an unexpected hero.

Short Story- fantasy- humor
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While reading this tale, inspiration came for a visit into my house - and stayed there. Thank you for this adventure!

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Oh how delightful! Imaginative, captivating and so simple! The story was so unique and kept my interest all the way through! Such a fresh perspective in lyrical simplicity! Write more! Robynn

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You have written such a creative story I really enjoyed it.Keep writing. Serena

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I never thought of drops of water that way. What a nice little tale!

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Janis, you have a child's imagination. Fresh and unique. Never give that up.

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This is certainly a unique perspective. The story is very imaginative and original, well-written too. This is the first time I have read a story quite like yours. Very refreshing read.

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This story is something different and it shows you at the height of imagination.

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