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The Doughboy Murder

The Doughboy Murder
What will Marsee Blight do when she finds herself in a spotlight she didn't count on?

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Review - With the opening line, this little story had my attention. Love your details which create such vivid mind pictures. You give just enough idiosyncrasies of of the characters to give a portrait, yet move the story along, keeping the reader in suspense. Love the twist ending! Wondered at the mention of the missed opportunity of America's Got Talent. Over all, an excellent little read. Fantastic job. Robynn

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The tune "When I Knead You," springs to mind. Nicely written piece of humour. Let's have more!

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Hahaa! Love it! Marsee is nothing if not an opportunist! What else could she do with a chief that's nothing but a coward? This was a page turner. Thanks, Janice!

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I enjoyed the humor and mystery within this tale. I'm a big fan of this genre. I liked Marsee and I can't blame her for seizing the spotlight. You did a terrific job. I hope you write more of these types of stories.

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There at the end I was thinking of "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", lol. What a nice surprise, though!!!!!

You write clearly, with great depth of character (even in a short) flowing across the pages, Janice. Still, without a great plot, the story fails. This piece has a WONDERFUL plot! I loved it. Cheers!!!!!!

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I liked you story reminded me of a Mike Hammer type with humor,very good. Serena

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because my comment did not make it through the halls of for a book? Any way I didn't see that ending! Foiled again!

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