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Joshua's Visitor

Joshua's Visitor
This is a five chapter serial story for newspaper publicaton. Each chapter is short and normally read with different issues. Though I hope it has adult appeal, it is written for 9-12 year old.

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Your musical gift from Dante was deeply moving. As I read on and on, I realized how special your tightly woven story is.

I hope you will share more. This will appeal to children in your category as well as to many adults. There are a few words here and there that you can tweak to enhance delivery, if you are interested. And I do very much love your story! C...

Wichtiger Beitrag

It's very well written and it's so fun to imagine all about Dante and his kind. I really like it, very nice work!!


Wichtiger Beitrag

Really excellent, Janice. How he found his music soul made Joshua quite real in this fabulous children's book. And charming Dante:) Good job!

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