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D - Desire

User: trealmon
D - Desire
This is chapter 1 from my friend's book series (she is still working on it)

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "D.E.S.I.R.E."
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D - Desire
desire, Janet Storm
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Wow, very good so far. I hope the full version is eventually finished.

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hey whoever wrote this book needs to finish asap i would love to read more. it had my interest from the first page. keep up the good work and finish this book please!

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Nice start and looks to be a good read. Would love to see how the story progresses, but it sure has a nice flavour. Few typos to sort out, but the flow is there.

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I read this book and I found it really sexy. I like the part about how some you added the realistic ego most guys do have about their dicks how true. Hahaha I really enjoyed the read here. You really came off very sexy and you didn't pussy foot around at all.
It's number one to me!

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It's for 18 years and older, sorry. It won't let me read it either because I'm under 18 as well, and I posted it lmao

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when I try to open it it says, this book is inappropriate to minors. Does that mean I am too young? I really want to read it. I like reading all the books I can find!

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Thank you all for the responses, hopefully she will change her mind and continue working/writing on it

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