The Loyalists, Volume 1, 2 And 3 An Historical Novel

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The Loyalists, Volume 1, 2 And 3 An Historical Novel
Those Who Have But An Indifferent Banquet To Offer, Are Not Usually
Inclined to Discourage Their Guests, By A Repulsive Bill Of Fare; Yet
Surely, When A Public Invitation Is Given, There Is Honesty, And
Prudence Too, In simply Stating the Kind Of Regale We Are Going to
Spread, Lest A Palled and Sickly Appetite Should Expect Stimulants, Or A
Perverted taste Should Pine For Foreign Luxuries And Modern Cookery,
When We Have Nothing to Set Before Them But Plain Old English Food.
Church And King now Look As Obsolete In a Publication, As Beef And
Pudding would At A Gala Dinner; Yet Let Us Remember, That As The Latter
Have Fed our Heroes From The Days Of Cressy And Agincourt To The Present
Times, So The Former Have Fashioned minds Fit To Animate These Mighty
Bodies. It Is Only To Those Who Have A Relish For Stern Virtue And Grave
Reflection, That I Would Recommend The Following pages.

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