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Many years have passed since Alice's adventures in Wonderland, and shes since forgotten ALL about it...She accidently discovers it again and Alice isnt the only one whos changed!

Fantasy, Erotic, Men, Sex, Fairytale
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It's a very good story, and I would love to see more. I did notice that you had a bit of a habit of switching between first and third person perspective, often within the same sentence....

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Please update ASAP!!!! Absolutely loved what you have done so far x

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It's a delightful idea to update Alice in an erotic pose. I really enjoyed this romp through wonderland. I do wish you had edited it for spelling, grammar, word usage, etc. before sharing. It sort of spoils the effect to some extent to have to correct errors in your mind as you read. Of course this is not an original idea by any means but I do like your take on it. Nicely done. Please add more.

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Thank you all for all the hearts! Wonder-Land Offically has more hearts than pages at this point! lol I have a feeling I will be going back to Wonder-land soon, Ive come up with some more scenes and I need to figure a way to get them out of my head! lol Check Back for more! :)

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