Blood Blood so Red

User: madmonk
Blood Blood so Red
He kills tries to run but doesn't get far Blood Blood so red. As the screams echo through the night oh my god he has lost his mind as a smile crossed his face Blood Blood so red. He kills again and again, tries to run but doesn't get far. Blood Blood so red. runs like a river through his mind. Blood Blood so red.A hooded figure appears. Blood Blood so red. a hooded figure with red eyes glowing, oh my god he has lost his mind. Blood Blood so red.He kills trys to run but doesn't get far.Blood Blood so red.the hooded figure with red glowing eyes, takes hold of him and drags him to hell. as he screams and kicks to be tormented and torn apart for all enternity

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Lucia Morosanu

In the second line you wrote "deosn't" instead of " doesn't", and again "but deosn't get". Probably typo.
The poem in itself was quite dark and sinister, as the torment could almost be palpable.

Good job. Keep it up.

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thank you I changed the word to the right way.thank you for your comment

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