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The Garden Club

The Garden Club

The war to end all wars brought about a change in the world. Governments and their madness that brought the Earth to the brink of total destruction, have been wiped out and corporations now rule.

In order to appease the new world citizens, the new corporate rule kept certain things of nature intact, things considered once vital but now seen as wasteful. One of these natural splendors is San Diego's Rain Forest Park. But over the years, the new corporate rule has been eliminating such leftover wonders.

The park is now the last bit of rain forest that the corporate rule allowed to exist, but certain corporations want the space back.

Pressuring the Governor, a remnant of rule of the past kept alive to appease the new world citizens and who is the sole authority as to its future, a decision to its closure and transference to one of the corporations is demanded.

For Hal, manager of San Diego's Rain Forest Park, and his friend and coworker Ron, this means their world is coming to an end.

The Governor's decision over the fate of the park will come after a tour in which the representative of the Meat Council, Hal's brother Kenneth; a representative of the Board of Realtors; and the Air Commissioner, the main three corporate entities each seeking the park for their control and profit.

Before that decision is made, the Governor dies. Hal believes that he is being blamed for the death. He and Ron escape, but to where they just do not know.

What will happen to the Rain Forest Park? Where did Hal and his friend Ron end up at in their mad dash to freedom? The answers can be found at The Garden Club.

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