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The Water-Witch Or The Skimmer Of The Seas

User: silviya
The Water-Witch Or The Skimmer Of   The   Seas

Christendom Is Gradually Extricating itself From The Ignorance, Ferocity,
And Crimes Of The Middle Ages. It Is No Longer Subject Of Boast, That The
Hand Which Wields The Sword, Never Held A Pen, And Men Have Long Since
Ceased to Be Ashamed of Knowledge. The Multiplied means Of Imparting
Principles And Facts, And A More General Diffusion Of Intelligence, Have
Conduced to Establish Sounder Ethics And Juster Practices, Throughout The
Whole Civilized world. Thus, He Who Admits The Conviction, As Hope
Declines With His Years, That Man Deteriorates, Is Probably As Far From
The Truth, As The Visionary Who Sees The Dawn Of A Golden Age, In the
Commencement Of The Nineteenth Century.

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