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Afloat And Ashore (fiscle part-13 of 1)

User: silviya
Afloat And Ashore (fiscle part-13 of 1)

The Writer Has Published So Much Truth Which The World Has Insisted
Was Fiction, And So Much Fiction Which Has Been Received As Truth,
That, In The Present Instance, He Is Resolved To Say Nothing On The
Subject. Each Of His Readers Is At Liberty To Believe Just As Much, Or
As Little, Of The Matter Here Laid Before Him, Or Her, As May Suit
His, Or Her Notions, Prejudices, Knowledge Of The World, Or
Ignorance. If Anybody Is Disposed To Swear He Knows Precisely Where
Clawbonny Is, That He Was Well Acquainted With Old Mr. Hardinge, Nay,
Has Often Heard Him Preach--Let Him Make His Affidavit, In
Welcome. Should He Get A Little Wide Of The Mark, It Will Not Be The
First Document Of That Nature, Which Has Possessed The Same Weakness.

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