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A Compilation Of The Messages And Papers Of The Presidents Section 2 Volume 3

User: silviya
A Compilation Of The Messages And Papers Of The Presidents Section 2 Volume 3

Fellow Citizens: The Practice Of All My Predecessors Imposes On Me An
Obligation I Cheerfully Fulfill--To Accompany The First And Solemn Act
Of My Public Trust With An Avowal Of The Principles That Will Guide Me
In Performing It And An Expression Of My Feelings On Assuming A Charge
So Responsible And Vast. In Imitating Their Example I Tread In The
Footsteps Of Illustrious Men, Whose Superiors It Is Our Happiness
To Believe Are Not Found On The Executive Calendar Of Any Country.
Among Them We Recognize The Earliest And Firmest Pillars Of The
Republic--Those By Whom Our National Independence Was First Declared,
Him Who Above All Others Contributed To Establish It On The Field Of
Battle, And Those Whose Expanded Intellect And Patriotism Constructed,
Improved, And Perfected The Inestimable Institutions Under Which We
Live. If Such Men In The Position I Now Occupy Felt Themselves
Overwhelmed By A Sense Of Gratitude For This The Highest Of All Marks Of
Their Country's Confidence, And By A Consciousness Of Their Inability
Adequately To Discharge The Duties Of An Office So Difficult And
Exalted, How Much More Must These Considerations Affect One Who Can Rely
On No Such Claims For Favor Or Forbearance! Unlike All Who Have Preceded
Me, The Revolution That Gave Us Existence As One People Was Achieved At
The Period Of My Birth; And Whilst I Contemplate With Grateful Reverence
That Memorable Event, I Feel That I Belong To A Later Age And That I May
Not Expect My Countrymen To Weigh My Actions With The Same Kind And
Partial Hand.

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