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Small Packages

Small Packages
3 short stories submitted for the Drabble contest. I hope these short stories fit the requirement and express my love for literature. Big things come in small packages.

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S.P. Johnson Jr.

#1 wasn't bad, though vague. One more little bit of detail could help to pull the whole thing together.
#2 made me smile. Those were well portrayed characters for such a short space.
#3 was my favorite storyline, but I was confused, because as I know them, the initials NICU stand for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Then I realized they have an entirely different meaning in your story. If not, then I'm really confused.
On the... mehr anzeigen

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What did I miss?

The first one needs a lot of work. You left out a word in one sentence and the whole thing was not really informative. I also did not understand how the three drabbles were connected.

Keep writing...but be sure to read what you have written out loud so you can see your errors before you upload. Good luck to you.

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Gelöschter User

I agree with the other comment. Well done.

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