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The Unclear Story of Aleira Tanner

The Unclear Story of Aleira Tanner
A baby only days old is picked up by a common street boy, and at the age of nine he alone takes on the responsibility of a baby girl. He raises her to be tough and for seventeen years she was disguised as a boy, until...The lord of the land; Lord Donnovan takes this girl in. After only weeks of being taught how to be a proper lady of the eighteen hundreds she meets a boy. The boy that will unwind time and send the both of them into the twenty first century, but has that much really changed?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Time Unwound"
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The Unclear Story of Aleira Tanner
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Wichtiger Beitrag

please its only one sentence you need to make more at least. i really like your descrition on the front. you need more.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I loved your description of the book very proimising but its only one sentence and a mispelled word?

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