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Grayling Furniture Factory

Grayling Furniture Factory


The Grayling Furniture’s really a place you want to stay away from. Very far away, and then some more distance is the best advice. The abandoned factory is a cursed spot heavy with the spirits of too many dead folks – and it’s heavy with the evil that plays gleefully among the rubble.
Or is it all just superstitious tales told by old drunks, stories whispered between girls?
That’s the general attitude taken by real estate developers after they pick up the land for pennies on the dollar. Come hell or high water, there shall be a luxury housing development bestowed upon this land.
One problem.
Our enterprising developers need to eliminate the generalized public fear of the place.
Better do something quick.
And let’s not spend too much money getting the job done.
Let’s hope they survive.

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horror, single, ghost, haunted
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