The Bird & The Bear

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The Bird & The Bear

Several millenium have passed since the humans all but wiped themselves out with world wide war, luckily the extinction threat level was reduced by the human decision to launch nukes across the globe and only hitting targets of highest human population counts, leaving animals to roam freely amongst the rubble.


Over time, the irradiated air mixed with the smokey human dna dust clouds were being breathed in by all animals across the degraded globe. Eventually animals in all became the apex creature, learning to communicate via. speech, walking on hind legs, learning strategy, and weilding magic... animals are now in the dark ages, each day is a struggle for survival, only the strongest, sneaky and cunning make it in this fantasy wonderland-esqe reality.


The nuclear impact across Earth tore up pieces of element and matter, the incomprehensible destructive power fused with the genetic makeup of the Earth and formed elemental stones, erupting with irradiated and mutated power, it was not long after that animals began being able to weild magic as though it were in their very veins, the power flowing through the air no different to wind.


This story takes place when a young phoenix must venture out to find the elemental stone of fire, merely tounching it grants a phoenix the ability to be reborn anew. Along her travels she meets an odd bear who thinks he's a duck and yet oddly weilds great alchemical experience. Together they set out for the first time from their safe homelands in search of the fabled elemental stones.

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Curt from Madison, WI

Trump knows he's going down. He clearly is going to try to fulfill each of his
campaign promises to his base before his final demise. Then, when he's finally
impeached/convicted, he can still save face with his supporters and still look
good in their eyes.
We all know this man, who cares nothing about our country, will do anything to
keep his golden popularity with his followers.

... mehr anzeigen

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Columbus, Ohio

McConnell didn't do the right thing in the SCOTUS nomination by President
Obama. Ryan didn't do the right thing in dealing with the Republican report
from the Justice committee, So why would they do the right thing now?
The republican Party is on then wrong side of every major issue, so they have
thrown aside morality and use dividing Americans, voter disenfranchisement,
bullying .gerrymandering, and anything else... mehr anzeigen

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