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The Article

There are 17 full chapters and part of the 18th, no more is written yet, but welcome your thoughts, yes i know part of it needs repair, I unintentionally changed from first person in a few spots. The story is supposed to be first person throughout, once i get these changes made will replace this, in meantime hope you enjoy it just the same :)
Suspense/Romance/with touches of comedy

After many years away from his childhood home, Paul has come back to bury the past forever...but once home again he finds not only can't he forget the past, but finds a new future he never thought possible.

suspense, romance, comedy, edge of seat
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Thank you for pointing that out to me, I have always thought something was odd when i re-read it myself from time to time, it never registered, I see what you mean after going back to look at it once I read your comments, I intend to go back and change that, thanks for the good eye, and I am pleased you are enjoying this book, soon I will add some more chapters, this book though is far from finished, is still work in... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

I just finished reading the first 10 chapters and really enjoyed the dialog and banter exchange... the flow of the book really takes off until page 20 when you jumped out of first person and became an observer I found it distrating.
This happens again on pg. 26 at the begining of Chapter 5 and thruought the remaining chapters...

On page 28 the girls just appear as does the food no explanation but later on you explain... mehr anzeigen

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