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Would it matter?

Would it matter?
Baylee is a normal girl,Who decides to go to her aunts for the summer . Not knowing her uncles past with the guy she thinks shes in love with,She ignores her uncles pleads to stop hanging out with him. Is the guy (David) Gonna use her just to get to her uncle? Or is he really in love with 'The girl of his dreams'

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The book is great, I love it! I wish I could read more it's getting interesting, I do know how it is though when it's getting interesting and you can't think of anything else.

Also it does need proof reading and if you'd like I or my mom, or both of us, could be your proof reader(s)!

Please keep on writing!

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I see I need a little proof reading in that paragragh above this, I'm doing this on a tablet thing, so I have the keyboard on the touch screen :-( :-)

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one suggestion? limit the amount of explanation points. not all of those sentences or quotes require one. too many, and they lose value :(

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