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The Frog

User: jacki137
The Frog
Have you ever had to deal with a pesky little fly that was constantly buzzing around your head, distracting and annoying you? Well if this has happened to you, be glad you are not a frog.

short story
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I laughed out loud at the ending. Brilliant. :)

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Well, well, well... I am humored! This is what I call a well told story. And though the dialogue between the fly and frog was a bit stiff, I loved it! I wonder how many frogs that fly has gotten... This could be the beginning of many adventures between the fly and his accomplice!

The only problem I have with the story is that it is a tad awkward to read in present-tense. I know it is my personal preference to read stories... mehr anzeigen

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Great story Jack, loved the ending. I'm with John, this should be included in a children's book or something. Nobody does Flash better than Jack!

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I loved this cute short story - it really proves that we should treat others as we want to be treated :)

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This was a delight to read. But they need to work on their timing just in case the next frog doesn't care to listen so long.

As usual, Mr Ivey, packs a lot of fun into a little story. It's what writing Flash Fiction is all about.

And few people do it better than he does.

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this was probably one of the most adorably funny and whimsical stories I've read today. I'm glad that I took the time to read your very short story and I am also glad that you gave the story such an interesting twist at the end. I absolutely loved this.

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Jack, this is what I've come to expect of your writing, and you haven't let me down. This is a really funny story, and great writing, out of the Top Drawer.

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