Gift of Fire

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Gift of Fire
The ice fairy Flarence born of an ice fariy and a dragon warrior, must grow and protect all her kind. But when she turns 15 she is poisoned by her uncle. She must fight to live for every race of being.

Faries, Dragons, life, and adventure
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the main reason i love this book, is cuz its not the normal Werewolf n Vampire crap tht u always find here on bookrix. n it also isnt 1 of those books tht has uno a 'normal' person n thn finds out ther the only one who can save the world or ther the most powerful creature in the entire galaxy, thn they r about 2 lose, but magicaly hit the monsters weak spot n win by pure luck n all tht shiz.
anyways longstory short {kinda :)}... mehr anzeigen

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