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The House By The Church-Yard Volume 2 of 3

User: silviya
The House By The Church-Yard Volume 2 of 3
'I'm Very Glad, Sir, To Have A Few Quiet Minutes With You,' Said The
Doctor, Making Then A Little Pause; And Devereux Thought He Was Going To
Re-Open The Matter Of His Suit. 'For I've Had No Answer To My Last
Letter, And I Want To Know All You Can Tell Me Of That Most Promising
Young Man, Daniel Loftus, And His Most Curious Works.'

'Dan Loftus Is Dead And--' (I'm Sorry To Say He Added Something Else);
'And His Works Have Followed Him, Sir,' Said The Strange Captain,
Savagely; For He Could Not Conceive What Business The Doctor Had To
Think About _Him_, When Captain Devereux's Concerns Were Properly To Be
Discussed. So Though He Had Reason To Believe He Was Quite Well, And In
Malaga With His 'Honourable' And Sickly Cousin, He Killed Him Off-Hand,
And Disposed Summarily Of His Works.

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