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The Runaway

What happens when you can't run anymore? Von:
User: sppellerd
The Runaway
Summer and her friends have escaped to Italy in hope that they can finally find peace. But now, they are faced with their worst nightmares and it all starts when Summer closes her eyes. Confronted with ghosts, killers, and the average person, their journey is bound to be anything but normal. They will be pushed to their limits and beyond, testing their love, courage, trust, and willpower. They’ve never had to face something so fierce, but they’re not backing down.

“Being a runaway is great for awhile, but what happens when you can’t run anymore?” Read on to find out.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Livid Children"
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"Where dreams become reality, and reality becomes dangerous"
The Runaway
What happens when you can't run anymore?
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Sometimes i really wonder if i could personally go up to the writers of the books that i have read and request them or ask them to please complete or update there books on priority as the suspense is killing me or at least try to know as to how they intend to end the story!!! Gosh the wait seems to be endless..

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Can you please update this book !! Its been locg since the last updation please

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