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History Of The Moravian Church

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History Of The Moravian Church
For Assistance In The Preparation Of This Second Edition, I Desire
Herewith To Express My Obligations To Several Friends:--To The Late
Rev. L. G. Hassé, B.D., Whose Knowledge Of Moravian History Was
Profound, And Who Guided Me Safely In Many Matters Of Detail; To The
Rev. N. Libbey, M.A., Principal Of The Moravian Theological College,
Fairfield, For The Loan Of Valuable Books; To The Rev. J. T. Müller,
D.D., Archivist At Herrnhut, For Revising Part Of The Ms., And For
Many Helpful Suggestions; To Mr. W. T. Waugh, M.A., For Assistance
In Correcting The Proof-Sheets, And For Much Valuable Criticism; To
The Members Of The Moravian Governing Board, Not Only For The Loan
Of Books And Documents From The Fetter Lane Archives, But Also For
Carefully Reading Through The Ms.; To The Ministers Who Kindly
Supplied My Pulpit For Three Months; And Last, But Not Least, To The
Members Of My Own Congregation, Who Relieved Me From Some Pastoral
Duties To Enable Me To Make Good Speed With My Task.

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