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Shadows Passing

Shadows Passing
History revisited...Dusk was upon them; clutching their cache of apples, the children ran. The deadly shadows lurked in the darkness, ready to rain fire and destruction from above...

Flash fiction, word count, 1000
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I really love your writing style, the way you describe scenery and the times. You really struck a chord in my imagination, thinking of WWII.

I really think you should write something longer concerning this time-period.


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Wichtiger Beitrag

This was an amazingly captivating tale. At first I was wondering why they were in such a rush and what they were running from. From the descriptions, I first interpreted it as part of a natural disaster but the ending really pulled everything together really well. It was just great how you managed to incorporate the child's perspective and still manage to write from a third person narrative. This is definitely receiving my vote.

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You know before this The Camera was my favorite, but today this has become my new favorite. As a history nut I have three periods of time that draw my attention. Medieval Britain, the US Civil War and WWII, so this is right up my ally. It was beautifully written and had me enthralled until the end. I loved the ending. How very true, the resiliency of children is amazing! As always, my friend, brilliantly done.

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I can't believe I have not commented on this yet. Shame on me! Naturally, you give us perfection as you always do. This story takes place in my era and my I related to it quite emotionally.

You have my vote wholeheartedly.

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this was a great story and full of intensity and suspense. At first I thought it was a tornado they were running from, but i see at the end it was part of the war! You got a vote from me.

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Gelöschter User

Very descriptive… well done!

Check this line- “The scratchy radio broadcasts kept calling this the London Blitz and the Battle of Britain, the shadows that brought the death and destruction (of) the German Luftwaffe.”

Gets my vote!

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Gelöschter User

I enjoyed how the focus of the story began with the children, then slowly moved away from them, to death and mayhem, before finally moving back to them. This is well written, and I am voting for it. Well done!

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