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Book 1 of The Fey Von:

Crown Prince Italo of the far-off Kingdom of Faust made two mistakes - he attacked Colryn's wife and as a direct result was forced to return home without the information that would prevent a war. 


And then he lied about it to the monstrously powerful sorceror who had sent him to acquire it.


Colryn has that knowledge now.  He doesn't know what to do with it, but his wife - frail, impetuous and gifted, insightful and sometimes frightened, Michaela - will soon learn. 


For millenia uncounted, the Fey have resided in the untracked wooded wilderness of Selena.  Ever wary of the human settlers that have come to carve out their place in this land, they exist apart - aloof and secretive.


Their isolation - and existence - threatened by the wrath of a mighty and ambitious sorceror whose plans have gone awry, the Fey have chosen sides.




Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Fey"
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Book 1 of The Fey
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J. B. Jones

Thanks, y'all. Some of you have looked at and downloaded Faormuc, the first installment in the Fey series. I appreciate it more than I can say. (Even if it was taken to illustrate, "See? This is how NOT to scribble a story!")

I wanted to let you know, Faormuc is being written here. I'm using the BookRix word processing function. Because of that, the story is being revised constantly. What you have here is the raw first draft.... mehr anzeigen

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