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Mark of the Moon

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User: jabooker
Mark of the Moon
My first mistake had been re-noticing people in my classes, if I hadn’t done that; I wouldn’t have re-noticed Tristan Everdeen. I should have known that the moment I had become entranced in those eyes of his—silver, deep, contemplative—that things never would be the same. But of course, I didn’t. Because since when does life let you off the hook and just allow you to know those kind of things?

FINISHED. Book 1: Mooncreak Series.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Mooncreak Series"
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Sequel to Mark of the Moon. [In Progress]: Chapters #1-17
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I loved the story line. Kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Would love to keep up if you continue the story...felt like I was watching a TV series in my head while reading. Keep writing!

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I really enjoyed your book. It fully kept my interests up at all times. I had moments where I want to smack Tristan. I enjoyed Rayne. It would be great to see him with him with bis own mats. Great writing!!

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Have to say i really enjoyed reading this story and i would love to see it continue into several more books

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Please help I'm really feeling torn apart right now and a bit confuse. How can I read imprint..bcause at 525 is where it stop is that the end if so I hated it bcuz I wanted Tristan to say his I love you and them to get rid of ian ..something s missing help me...

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