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The Silent Quest

Taking the bait Von:
The Silent Quest
It's been a year since Anahita Meerad's parents died. She is now a healthy growing sixteen year old, but not everything inside her is manipulating.
The day of her current beating at the brutal Queen Concetta's Castle, Ren Talon, a gentlemen who claims to buy maids shows Anahita the world she truly belongs to.
Can Anahita accept the path her parents took?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Silent Quest"
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The Silent Quest
Taking the bait
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This book is being featured in the new YoungWriters contest.

Please vote in the thread if you would like it to win. (Simply press the green plus sign.)

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I think you write imposant.Your story are beautiful.

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i'm about 50 pages in at this point and i really like your writing style. the story moves quickly and there are always strange things happening that i'm excited to learn more about. you definitely need an editor though, there are tons of little mistakes, like spelling, typos, and such.

great job though!

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