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Character Development Education For Students & Teenagers

This Material is Designed to Endear Self Awareness & Inspire Positive Change Von:
Character Development Education For Students & Teenagers

Everyone needs a material that effectively develops the mind just as academic subject - maths, languages, biology and others develops the intellect. This material serves - effectively - that purpose.

Students needs the knowledge that should empower them with the ability to rightly interpret weaknesses and strength and allow their choices and decisions stem like-wise, this material meets that needs.

Teenagers needs the knowledge that will empower them with the capacity for effective personal judgment, choices and decisions, as their future is great a function of these three realities, this is a primary focus of this material.

Students needs a material that will develop the mind - to complement the intellectual development of by academics. This material provides a right brain functional knowledge that empowers the mind for creativity and resourcefulness. The series provides a dep awareness of the beauty and strength embedded within principle-centred living and the values of virtues rather than vices.

Students needs a knowledge that will empower them for sef-awareness that can stir up the strength to change (positively) and breakout from negative habitual tendencies and weaknesses. They will come to know themselves better and in a deeper more meaningful way.

It is design to meet the understanding of a variety of students, its secular and with a message that applies to everyone - students and adults alike. I like to encourage you to read, apply and encourage someone else to do same. The author will always appriciate your feedback. Thanks 

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