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Tale of The Rock Pieces

my 1st book Von:
User: allanbard
Tale of The Rock Pieces
A fantasy story for kids from 9 till 99 years old. A story about many unknown creatures (weightless korks, rock pieces, one-eyeds, fish-keepers, Brown faces, Mountaineers, glowing, living balls, etc.), fierce battle, great deeds and about the everlasting love, the Love that can change worlds, defeat the most horrible armies, make nations happy...,,,,

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I saved it to read later. It is a long story with very small writing. And so far is more liker a fantasy historical novel....and history was my least favorite subject in was.

Wichtiger Beitrag

i don't lke this book

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You should explain why you don't like it ;), or why you are kidding, of course I cannot force my opinion to anyone, so everyone is free to post their opinions! Wish you all the best, hope we could be good friends? Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a... mehr anzeigen

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