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Dreams birthed

Success is for those that are ready Von:
Dreams birthed

We all want to succeed; but unfortunately, success cannot be achieved by mere wishes. If you’ve had great dreams in the past that were later buried, because you lacked the knowledge needed to implement those ideas, don’t worry, a problem known is half solved already. I’ve been there; I know what it feels like, and that’s why I’ve written this book, to guide us on our way up, and most importantly to help us stay up: No one wants to fall, not after rising.
Dreams birthed teaches us the importance of foresights, and how to reach the ultimate goal, which is success.

Show me a man that dreams, and I will tell you the heights that he will attain.
Does life have more to offer? What is the way to success?
This book answers all these questions; it is a load of knowledge, it’s not for everyone, but strictly for the brightest of minds, and success oriented people, and for non-dreamers as well, who will also learn to dream because there isn’t hope lost; it’s never too late, you only need to pay attention to every detail, which will be discussed in full.

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Dreams, Visions, Success
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