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Ramdoness in a bottle

I like puuupppyss Von:
Ramdoness in a bottle
So hi I'm writing whatever pops up in my head wich is like pure randomness in a bottle (you gotta sing the in a bottle like genie in a bottle.....) I just ate cake :3 i put sugar on it hehehe... IF the cat crossed the unicorns lair what would the turkey say? OINK. I ate bacon... I feel bad for the piggys. I wanted a micro pig but my mum thought i was insane... The i asked for a cat she said yea... we didnt get it :*( then my brother asked for a puppy and that is the story of how sir Gunter (cough the penguin from adventurre time i like dem ) red mane became our 3 month old puppy. THE END YOU NOODLE

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