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A History Of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)

User: silviya
A History Of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy (Fiscle Part 13 Of 2)
In The Post-Maimonidean Age All Philosophical Thinking Is In The Nature
Of A Commentary On Maimonides Whether Avowedly Or Not. The Circle Of
Speculation And Reflection Is Complete. It Is Fixed By The "Guide Of The
Perplexed," And The Efforts Of Those Who Followed Maimonides Are To
Elaborate In His Spirit Certain Special Topics Which Are Treated In His
Masterpiece In A Summary Way. In The Case Of The More Independent
Thinkers Like Levi Ben Gerson We Find The Further Attempt To Carry Out
More Boldly The Implications Of The Philosophical Point Of View, Which,
As The Latter Thought, Maimonides Left Implicit By Reason Of His
Predisposition In Favor Of Tradition. Hasdai Crescas Went Still Farther
And Entirely Repudiated The Authority Of Aristotle, Substituting Will
And Emotion For Rationalism And Logical Inference. Not Knowledge Of God
As Logically Demonstrated Is The Highest Aim Of Man, But Love Of God.

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