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Human Traits And Their Social Significance (fiscle part-XII) Part 2

User: disha
Human Traits And Their Social Significance (fiscle part-XII) Part 2
That The History Of The Race Is An Unbroken Continuum Goes
Without Saying. What This Means In the Way Of Transmission
Of The Arts, The Sciences, The Religion, The Ideas, The Customs Of
One Generation To The Next, We Shall Presently See. Cultural
Continuity Is Made Possible By The More Fundamental Fact Of
The Actual Biological Continuity Of The Race. This Biological
Continuity Extends Back, As Far As We Can Infer From The Scientific
Evidence, Unbrokenly Through The Half Million Years
Since Man Has Left Traces Of His Presence On Earth. The Continuity
Of Life Itself Goes Back To That Still More Remote Time
When Man And Ape Were Indistinguishable, Indeed to That
Postulated epoch When Life As It Existed on Earth Was No More
Complex Than It Is As It Now Appears In the One-Celled animal.
Evolution Has Taught Us That Life, However It Started, Has Been
One Long Continuous Process Which Has Increased in complexity
From The Unicellular Animals To Man.

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