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Illusions and Lies

User: risette
Illusions and Lies
The Plague, dangerous and lethal with no known cure has started to
spread. It’s sign, dark spots on the skin. It’s symptom, pain and
weakness. Simple? No. Prolonged exposure leads to death as it kills the life of the affected slowly.It has affected everyone including the elderly and the children.
Unfortunately, even the King. The only person that can cure the disease is the King's daughter Arwenn. However, during an attempt to carry out a mission, Arwenn is killed by ambush. Now the task was transferred to a clairvoyant merchant girl, Jasmine. A task to possibly ward off the enemy they have not seen yet. But how can she save her dying world and combat the enemy when all she knows are about herbs and an ability she could not even control?

elements, powers, romance, action, mystery, lies
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wow, thank you... and i would really appreciate it if you point out which words are confusing and incorrect so I can change them.. thanks again :)

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Wichtiger Beitrag

this is a really interesting story! some of your wording is kind of confusing/incorrect, but the story itself is really good. please let me know when you update!

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