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Picasso Meets Dr. Frankie

User: indie23
Picasso Meets Dr. Frankie
Picasso was unable to move on with his life after his wife's passing about a year ago. His grief for his wife was so much that he could not continue with his paintings. At least until he met an unlikely individual who said that he could help and how.

fiction, death, Picasso, life, relationships, love, grief
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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?_ebook-indira-nankoosingh-picasso-meets-dr-frankie

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A very cute idea! I kind of guessed where it was going before getting to the end, but you put it together very nicely, and it was a fun read. There are a number of grammar errors and a few things that either contradict or don't make sense, but you say you're currently editing, so I'm sure you'll see them. Overall, this is a wonderful short story, and I really enjoyed reading it!


Indie, I enjoyed the story. It was well written, and flowed well. I think outside of a few grammatical errors, that you have a good grasp of the English language.
One thing though really jumped out at me. There is too much detail in your story. It seems to be an hour by hour... mehr anzeigen

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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?indie23_1365001220.1798300743

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