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Thoughts on a Train

User: futurist
Thoughts on a Train
When life wants us to go separate ways once in a while, it's hard to let go and thoughts enter our minds.

thoughts, short story, people, love
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I enjoyed the simplicity of this tale and though I agree with Cavlaster in that you could expound with more detail, I still enjoyed your effort and voted for you. God Bless.

Wichtiger Beitrag

I see an idea evolving in your mind, but you can add more detail to give it a better feel. Who was this woman he ached to have at his side, a wife or a lover? Having your character looking at his ring can tell the readers it’s his wife. But if you would have him swallow his guilt as he stared at his ring, before looking at a seductive picture of a woman hidden in a book would reveal it was a lover.

Played out a romantic scene... mehr anzeigen

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